Thursday, June 25, 2009


A trip to Dustin's parents means a trip to 40acres full of fun!
See below...

Let me show you what there is to do out here!

All week Zaiah kept asking when are we going 4-wheeling at Dustin's? When we got there Sunday I think he was on cloud 9! We could hardly get him off this thing...even to eat!

On one of the trips out on the 4-wheeler Claleigh (Dustin's niece who is staying with gma and gpa for a few weeks) found this meadow lark that seemed to need a little help back on his feet so the kids placed him in a safe place to recuperate away from any wild animals.

Remember this cute guy?

Zaiah had to take his dad out to show him how awesome the 4-wheelers were!
Like I said you couldn't get this kid off this thing!
My bro Jim and my little nephew Zaiah headed back to WI on Monday. It was rather adorable to send of my big bro who is 28 and his little 5year old on their first plane ride ever! They made it home safe and sound! I miss them already.

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