Saturday, June 20, 2009

Look Who's Here!

Mom, Jim and Isaiah arrived safe and 2 hours late Tuesday morning...they "survived" the Amtrak ride as Jim put it. It was really a 24 hour ordeal when all was said and done. They left Madison and took a 3 hour bus ride to Chicago train station. There they had a couple of hour lay over then a 18 hour ride on the train...Jim doesn't think he'll do it again =) We have had a whirlwind of a week! We sarted our that Tuesday morning with breakfast in downtown Denver
then off to do a little shoe shopping in my neighborhood and finally dinner at my house. Wednesday morning we were off on an adventure! Dustin came and picked us up for a ride to Colorado Springs. We started our morning out at the Garden of the Gods. Here is a glimpse of that stop.

I knew I wanted to take these guys to the zoo...Dustin said the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in the Springs was way better then the Denver one because it was up in the mountains. He was right! It was a beautiful setting and there was so much to see, touch and do!

The great debate...So these wallabies were hanging around in this open zone with just a rope holding them in, Dustin insisted you could pet them. He said there was no sign saying you couldn't. I just couldn't believe they would want you doing that with no supervision what so ever, what if they bit you?

This cutie was so excited when he found out he could have his face painted for free. He decided he wanted to be a lion and a tiger, a Liger I ask? "Yes I want to be a Liger" he would say. As we were walking through the zoo looking for the spot to have it done he kept saying "Amy what do I want to be", "A liger" I would remind him "Oh yeah" he would say and smile =)

We headed to a local park to eat our lunch and do a little running around. We explored a little running river and then met up with Dustin's family for dinner. We had a full, fun and exhausting day!

So my little guy loves parks! Every day we would hear "Grandma, Dad, Amy can we go to a park, a new park". I think the park below, one that was just up the road from my house, was by far the coolest and most entertaining one we found.

Hopping a crossed the lilly pads to escape the crocodiles,

don't fall in or you may loose a leg.

Zaiah loves wearing headbands to look just like his uncle Nick.

How will I ever let this sweet face go home??

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