Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snowed In

So I suppose I had it coming...all the bragging I was doing about our beautiful sunny 80 degree weather, it was just mean. I was at the gym this morning before the storm really hit and was watching the news while I worked out. Instead of the repetitive "economic crisis" that we can't run away from, it was the "spring blizzard of 2009" I had to listen to it over and over. I made my way home to spend my day in doors working on projects and talking on the phone. I am waiting for the coat of paint to dry to my new work space/desk for my craft room. I have a bit of cleaning to do and then dinner and a movie! I love snow days!

So much for raking the yard today!

Spring Set Up

Easter is just around the corner...time for a little splash of spring!

These beautiful pink flowers just started blooming in my back yard.

The smells of spring fill my house.

Here is the chalk board I have been meaning to finish, It now fills my dinning room with words of inspiration.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Boys play hard!

My Bro Nick and our friend Beau came out for a visit this last weekend. Their goal, get in as much snowboarding as possible. This meant I had to try and keep up all weekend. We spent Friday at Vail which has got to be one of the most beautiful and awesome places to snowboard! After a great day we headed to Winter Park to stay with Amy and Dave. We tore up the slopes Saturday at Winter Park where we had a few run ins with the trees literally (I have the bruises to prove it). I took the day off today to get my cleaning done at the Peterson's and also to nurse my aching body back to health.

Anything that looked like it could be a challenge, well, the boys had to try it.
Nick's attempt off the rock...

Beau's attempt...

And my attempt...

Nick and Beau worn out!

Its's kind of surprising we all survived.

I dropped them at the airport a few hours ago and am now enjoying a relaxing night before my work week begins.

The St. Patties Days B-day

My friend Tina turned 30 last weekend so decided we needed to go out and celebrate!

So we got all dolled up...

and headed out for cupcakes...

Amy with her perfect pink cupcake

Luke and Sky

Dustin and me
Me and Julie
and the Irish Jiggers!
We spent the evening at the Irish Snugg where we danced the night away. They were having a big St. Patties day fest with live music and great dancing.

A Week with the Girls in SF

Yes, yes I am way behind on my up lets get you up to speed. 2 weeks ago I hopped on a plane to see 2 of my best girl friends. Jessica and her hubby Jeff are currently living in San Fran and are expecting a baby boy in a month so, Becca and I decided we needed to go visit and see our adorable preggo friend. We filled our day with sight seeing, shopping, crafting and catching up. During a drive a long the coast we were getting a little jealous of all the yuppie yacthers, Jessica facetiously said "I'd rather be yachting" and that is when the idea was born. Tee shirts...we had to make them! Below are the results, the best SF souvenirs that can be found no where else. Yes we are a bit crazy I know.




It was so great to see both of them!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Green Thumb

The weather was so warm last week (sunny and 75 degrees) I got all my sick looking house plants out doors to be revived. It turns out I am not doing so hot with my plants. I am a little nervous because I want to try starting a little garden this summer, but I don't want to waste a bunch of money on plants that just end up dying because I don't know how to take care of them! I headed over to the library today to pick up some books on gardening...I would much rather have a visual tutorial by an expert like my mama, grandpa or Aunt Niki! So I will do my reading but feel free to to call me or email me with any advice!

Fitness Frenzy

So my motivational friend Michelle and I struck up a little plan before she left back home to WI. We had been workout buddies throughout nursing school, she was the one that helped keep me on track working out at least 4 days a week. She also was the one who convinced me I could run Crazy Legs last spring. We have been missing that accountability ever since I moved. So before she left we decided we could make a long distant challenge/contract.

Here's the rules:

* We must work out 4 days a week (a work out includes @ least 40 min of cardio and @ least 30 minutes of strength) for each of those days we get 5 pts.

* For each additional "full" workout we get 5 bonus points.

* For any additional "partial" workout we only get 2 points.

* We have to check in weekly with our results.

So when I arrive home at the end of may we will tally up the points and see who the winner is...And the prize (we knew we had to make it relatively large to keep ourselves motivated) $100.00 to spend as you'd like!

So the funny thing is I was telling my other friend Amy about this and now she wants to start one up with her girlfriends and myself up in Winter Park with a $20 buy in. It looks like I better work my but off if I wanna stay in shape and earn some CASH!