Saturday, June 20, 2009

...the adventure continues

Thursday I thought I would push Jim to his limits. Whitewater rafting was what I had in mind for a fun day. So I rounded up Jim's friend Jake (who lives up in winter park) and Nick his brother and we met up in Idaho Springs for a little class3 class4 rafting. All of them were nervous...none of them had rafted before, man were they in for a treat!

We flew down Clear Creek with no catastrophes all of us managed to stay in the boat!

Mom and Zaiah spent the day...guess the park. "A new one".

Jake spent the night and helped us with my tree trimming project the next day. It ended up being a ton of trimming an hauling...I am glad I had them around!

Off to Winter Park!

Today {Saturday} we piled in the Jeep and headed up to Winter Park for a day of fun. Our friend Jake hooked us up with some cheap tickets to play all day in Winter Park. Jim and Zaiah took their first ride up a ski lift,

Mom and I posed for a self portrait,

and we all took our first ride on the Alpine Slide!

Off he goes!

with daddy not far behind!

Leave it to my mom to be the one to wipe out on the ride. A little cement burn and my favorite sweatshirt later...she was fine.

We hopped on the trampoline where I managed a double back flip.

I left the gang at the park while I helped get ready for a friends (David Peterson) 50th Birthday. When I came back to pick them up they were sitting in Starbucks warming up with a hot cup of coffee. We headed over to the Peterson's to do a little celebrating, and then back home to Denver.

I was nice having my handy man brother Jim around, he fixed my sink, helped with the trees and re-screened my screen door! What a guy!

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