Friday, June 5, 2009

10 Days Back Home In WI...

My trip home last week was a whirlwind, its amazing how quickly 10 days can fly by! So here is the short and sweet of what went on...

Jo graduated high school! woohoo!

I got to catch up with my high school buddies like Elizabeth who just got back from Cambodia

and Becca who has been having fun exploring Berkly California. There were many others, however I did not always have my camera handy and ready.

When we I got back to Madison I had to go pick up my niece and nephew who I have been missing like crazy! We went to BratFest and did our damage in helping set the new record! Zaiah and I got our pic in front of the Wiener Mobile with the giant hot dog we created.

Zaiah is my sweet boy with a face full of charm

And his sister Adreanna is our "baby girl" who's quickly growing up and full of fun.

We had to stop at Culvers it had been way to long since I had tasted their creamy frozen custard! mmmmmmm....

Nick, Alex, B, and I went on a hike up in Baraboo on that misty/rainy dreary Wednesday but managed to still see the beauty of WI!

That night for dinner my friend Rachel drove all the way from Milwaukee just to see me. We went to Flattop grill and did some major catching up.

The next day I got together with Chelsea for a hike at Devils lake.

Then we met up with Dave and Michelle for dinner and drinks.

Saturday night was a night out at the Union. This has to be one of my favorite spots in Madison to hang. Great view (your right on the lake), Free music, and a fun atmosphere. Michelle and I met up with friends...

And then our old nursing school buddies showed up for a little reunion.

I had a little time to catch up with Rachelle and Brook to see how nursing in Chicago was going.

Ahhh...Sunday. My last full day in Madison. We pick up Isaiah and Adreanna again and spent the day playing snuggling and having fun. Later that night we packed in the car and headed to church. As we walked in the kiddos had to walk up on the 3 foot retaining wall, its way more fun to balance then just walk in on the ground=) Well on the way Adreanna decided to change directions miss the corner and take a dive right down to the cement...on her head. My mom saw the whole thing happen and ran to pick her up. Her eyes rolled back and she was out of it for about 20 seconds. We called 911 and when she woke up she was screaming and crying. So we spent 4 and a 1/2 hours in the ER. Within the first hour Adreanna had stopped crying and became her cheerful happy self. The doctor took a look and told us to keep an eye on her and if any thing changed to bring her back in. Man ER's are not a fun place to spend a Sunday night! So I snuggled with my sweet girl that night and work up to this cute face.

Like I said the time went way to fast. I did get to see tons of friends and family who I dearly miss! I did a little shopping with my second fam Lynn and Sarah, hung with my grandma, and my grandma and grandpa, and enjoyed time with my fam. What more could you ask for?

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