Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rosted Red Pepper Potato Soup!

Noli and I took a little trek down to Longmont, CO to visit my friends the Fisk family. The night was crisp, the soup was on and the new fire pit in the back yard was blazing. Life doesn't get much better. Jill's soup was delicious, that's why I need to pass it on to you so you can enjoy it on one of the crisp fall nights to come.

1 lg red bell pepper
5 lg potatoes (peeled quartered)
5 garlic cloves
1 med yellow onion
2 med carrots
2 quarts (8cp) chicken stock
1 cp cream (Jill used 2% milk which tasted great)
1/4cp butter

Roast the pepper, blackened on all sides, place in paper bag to steam. Peel skin, remove seeds. Pepper, potatoes, garlic, onions and carrots go into a large pot, add chicken broth and cook over medium-high heat until every thing is tender. Add cream, butter-puree in blender add salt and pepper, reheat.....enjoy with ciabatta bread!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Climbing in Golden

The climbing rope scarf...it maybe the next big thing coming to an REI near you!
Dustin and I went out to golden with my friend Jaime and her husband Eric. The sun was hot and the routes were tough but we had a great day and enjoyed this beautiful late September weather.

Jamie muscling her way up the crack....Eric holding her tight.
D just as he is hitting the top.

A view of the crew from the top.
After sweat'n our butts off Eric took us in to town to a back yard brewery. Golden City brewery is the 2nd largest brewery in golden (only 2nd to Coors) it is tucked away in the brewers back yard...it keeps cost low and atmosphere comfy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

{Fall is in the air!}

Nothing says fall like a porch full of Mums!
These lovely bushy plants that are full of fall colors needed to find a new home on my front porch!

They sit ever so nicely next to the "somewhere" sign that my grandpa gave me after I ranted and raved about it last time I was home.
Another new addition to my front porch is this adorable lighthouse lantern. It is made out of old cookie tin scraps. The glow is lovely on a crisp fall night.

A gal named Carey that I work with hooked me up with 2 bags of Honeycrisp apples that have made their way through the drying process.

These are the best apple to dry...they are crisp, sweet and tangy all at the same time.
Carey told me to save a bag until the first snowfall...she says that's when I'll really appreciate them...I'll try =)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Meet Magic Magnolia...AKA Noli

Who knew that a girl could fall in love with a car so fast...

I went home for a wedding in WI and came back to CO with a bus...a magic bus!

I think she has my nose.

Party lights make this a bus a place to rock out all night long.

Her garbage picked revamped table.

I towed her home behind the Jeep...20hrs total ugh but now shes home and ready for some grand adventures.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The big day!

Ashley's guest book was very unique, her brother drew the picture of the tree below and then all the guest left their finger prints and signature to create this artistic tree.

It was a great bonus to see all my friends gathered in one spot
Michelle is due any day now!
Yan Yi He was the hired ninja for the night, she had the task guarding the gifts at the party.

Below is a little tribute Steve lip synced to Ash! He and his groomsmen made up quite the band!

get'n ready for her big day!

Friday Ash and I put together the bridal bouquets, the turned out beautiful!
The rehearsal dinner ended up indoors due to some unforeseen rain! Steve's face...priceless =)

Our bridesmaids gifts were these adorable mustard yellow purses

Saturday morning we had an early start in order to get things ready for Ashley's big day, there were chalk board to write on tents to set up and chairs to clean off. The work went fast with all the help.

{Bridesmaids Gone Bad}

So i'm not quite sure who came up with the clever little nickname for Steve and Ashley but....it turned in to this:
hence the mustaches you will see in many of the following photos.
I recently went home to Madison, WI for my friend Ashley's wedding.
She had a brilliant idea for the bachelorette party....bridesmaids gone bad. Each of us had the task of finding the most crazy, hideous, funny dress to wear for our big night out. You won't believe what was found.
We started the night off with a little mini golfing...
and then headed for dinner at a hibachi restaurant.
Ashley got a little extra "special sauce" since it was her big night out!

After dinner we headed downtown to hit up the night life.
Even though all of the bridesmaids lived in different cities and states and shopped at different Goodwill's, we still managed to show up in some nearly matching dresses!

I think puffy sleeve need to make a come back!