Friday, June 5, 2009

Sick Sick Sick!

I never get sick...saying this to Dustin a few months ago may have jinxed me...big time. I have been fighting some kind of cold/flu bug for almost a month now. I came home from work last night early because I was feeling awful all over again. It seems that this little bug dies off a bit and all I have to fight is congestion and then it changes it mind and I end up with a fever aches sore throat and major congestion. So I called the Doctor and am hoping to get in today to get something that will help me kick this thing! I am sick of popping decongestants and flying through the Kleenex. Today I will rest (its the best medicine right?) and catch up on my laundry.

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Ashley said...

i just got bilateral ear infections, strep throat, and a cold. it's june for goodness sake!what's going on?! get well amy!