Friday, October 31, 2008

Help Yourself!

So I came home from Winter Park to find my little friend here just helping himself to my fall treats. He is such a little guy but he managed to devour all the corn and 1/4 of the pumpkin...I guess he has to start storing away for the winter! I don't know how he not confused though because its still sunny and 75 degrees here!

The Drive Home...

What an amazing ever changing view as you drive down the pass from Winter Park to Denver. Last time mom and I left every thing was golden, this time there is a little bit of snow on the slopes. I Spent Tue and Wed with my friends the Peterson family (Amy=Mom, David=Dad , Robin=8yr old daughter, Court=I think hes 6 yrs old, and their youngest Chase is maybe 3??) to catch up, do a little work and get my ski pass worked out so I am ready to go when the slopes open. Amy and David and I work out what I think is the best deal ever...They bought my multi MTN ski pass, and in return I clean for them every other week or so. So when I come up to visit I do a little work, have some fun snowboarding, have a place to stay, and enjoy some crazy company....not a bad deal for a girl who loves to clean! David and I had fun Tue night running through the mess of our CO mail in ballots...we have a lot of amendments and referendums to vote on here in CO! It was a great way to spend my days off this week.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Those inbetween times.

This thing works like a charm!

I have been using my short hours in between shifts and sleep to do a little sewing and creating. The white walls of my house still have a long way to go until they don't glare at you...but they are getting there.

I am working on the finishing touches of my duvet cover...I just have to learn how to sew button holes!

I Am My Mothers Daughter!

What can I say...when something is a great find and you cant pass it up, then don't!...even if it is in the trash. I have learned this over the years from my mom who embarrassingly has pulled the car over and told us kids "go pick that up! That would be great for..." The embarrassment! Now I find myself knocking on my neighbors door to help me haul this fantastic love seat in to my house...only to find out it was theirs! They were more then happy to help, and more then happy that it found a good home. They were in one of those move in situations where they were trying to combined his and her stuff into one place. Now I just have to figure out where it really fits!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A House Warming Gift

My adorable friend Jessica surprised me this weekend with a little package! Inside was the most adorable/literal house warming gift. She made me a door draft stopper, just perfect for my little old house!

However did she know this is just what I needed and its the most perfect color match!

Denvers Farmers Market

Saturday morning was another beautiful day in Denver. It was sunny and about 75 degrees! I decided to check out the local Cherry Creek farmers market since there is only 2 weeks left before its over for the season. I must say, it can't compete with the mass scale of Madison's but it was a great place to be last Saturday morning. They had it all food, art, and flowers.

While I was sitting down eating the most delicious chicken cordon bleu Crepe that I got at one of the stands, this lady came up to me and asked if she could take my picture for her photo journalism class...strange...she said they were suppose to capture people of the Denver community, and she was sick of everyone doing the homeless people and that she wanted something more cheery...right place right time I guess. I picked up a pumpkin and a mum since October is already halfway through and my front porch has nothing on it! I hope these sunny Saturdays last forever!

Friday Night Out

It has been nice to discover that I am not the only one who has just recently moved to this new city with hardly a friend to speak of! Rochelle is one of my new co-workers who started at the VA 2 weeks ago when I did. She just recently moved here from a little town in Iowa. She moved out here at the end of August to live with her boyfriend who is in film school here. So this last Friday Rochelle asked me if I wanted to go get some sushi and then see her boyfriends (James) sketch comedy that he does Friday and Saturday nights. She was excited to find out that I liked sushi as well because she hasn't had it in a while since her boyfriend hates it! We ended up at this little place called Kenny Sonoda's seafood house and sushi bar. The food and drinks were great!

The Comedy show was great! It was a whole sketch that was making fun of the titles you see on the cover of magazines. Things like "How to love your love handles", "How to make him love you", "Dealing with the in-laws". All of skits were very funny!

This one was making fun of crazy talk shows like Jerry Springer...Rochelles boyfriend is the caveman on the right.
It was a great night out and it was nice to see a little bit of downtown with a new friend.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Finally a glimps into my work place...

This week is coming quickly to an end! We have finally been able to spend some time on our unit (5 N) this week. It seems like a very busy place but full of friendly nurses. I got matched up with my preceptor who I will meet this weekend when I start my first rounds on nights. I will follow her schedule through the month of November. She seems to schedule herself so she works Fri., Sat., Sun. (12 hr shifts) one week and then a random 8 hour shift on a wed or Thurs along with her Fri., Sat., Sun. shift. So for the most part I will have 3-4 days off in a row! What a treat!

I am working on some new projects like repainting a dresser and head board for the guest room so it will be all set for when you come visit! I am also trying to sand and refinish a new dining room table that is a little bigger then the one I have. I will post some pictures as soon as I have made any progress probably next week some time.

I also have the task of figuring out when I want to take my five weeks of vacation time for next year! So far Jo's graduation week is the only one I know I need to come home for. My dad just got off the phone with me and told me he has booked his fight to come see me Nov. 24-29 so I won't be lonely for Thanksgiving! =)

Hope all is well back in your homes! Miss you!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Re-inventing Me!

New job, new city, new hair style. I finally decided that I could part with my long hair that took years to get to where it was. It wasn't working for me any more all I ever did was put it up. I backed out on Becca about a month ago when we were suppose to chop our hair off together because I just wasn't ready. But the time had come and yesterday night I chopped it off and now it is in a bag and ready to be sent out to the Panteen Pro-V beautiful lenghts campaign! I feel like a new woman!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Celestial Seasoning

Our week of hard work is behind us and we are off on a new adventure! Mom and I visited Boulder Saturday morning and started our day off with the Celestial Seasonings tour. Probably one of the best FREE things you can do in Boulder! We enjoyed free tea samplings and discoved how they import package and make their tea!

Amoungst the beautiful art.

Tasting the tea!

Next stop The Leaning Tree

After our tea tour Saturday morning mom and I stopped in at a local art museum in Boulder called The Leaning Tree. It was a great little free art gallery that really showed off the old West.

I've already meet some solid guys!

Fall Colors in CO

I think this little weekend adventure has opened my eyes to one of the most amazing sights seen yet in CO...their fall colors. The mountain side literally looks like someone took buckets of gold paint and just dropped it all over! It is gorgeous! My mom and I had the opportunity to hike around Devils Thumb Ranch (which is where most of these pictures are from) and see the beautifully redone resort and even got to get her feet wet! We had great fellowship at my old church Frasier Valley Baptist and then a delicious breakfast at The Mountain Rose Cafe where we meet a neat couple who owns a "cabin" up near Devils Thumb Ranch. We meet up with my older brothers friend (well my friend too these days) Jake and had lunch at smok'n Moe's and got caught up on life. On our way down the mountain we drove through rain which turned to sleet an then quickly snow and then back to sleet and then rain again..crazy how the weather can change so quickly up there! Like I said were having tons of fun! Wish you were here!

Jake and Mom

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Welcome to my new home

Come on in and take a look!

Front door

Living room lamp and side tables

Dining Room and Kitchen

The Colors of my kitchen an eclectic miss-match of teal/aqua/creamy-white

The laudry room

Tour continued


My bedroom

My walk in closet

Guest/craft/sewing room