Friday, February 27, 2009

Paid to go to School

Sinus Rhythm with a bundle branch block

So I just took and passed my EKG test...Passed with 94%! I have been sitting in class all week and then going home and studying at night (I've realized I am still a procrastinator). It was actually kind of nice to sitting in a classroom (and getting paid $) and not working on the floor for a week. But that stress of taking a test never seems to go away no matter how old you get! It feels great to be done and to have learned so much.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Skiing & Hut Cooking...

Who knew Presidents day could be so much fun to celebrate? Dustin and I both had the day off today so we decided to pack our day full. Dustin swung by and picked me up bright and early (6:30am) to head up to the slopes (Copper MT) for a day of skiing. Today was my second day on my new skis this whole season, and man did my thighs scream that to me! Talk about a feeling the burn! I managed throughout the day to go from feeling really awkward on my skis to managing my way down 2 black diamonds! Thankfully all I have to do after a long day of skiing is plop in the car, Dustin is so sweet and always I can put my feet up on the dash on rub my aching legs. We were in a bit of a rush this afternoon because I had made plans for us to go to a cooking class (a late Valentines day present) in Boulder. The class that we were taking was called Hut Cuisines. It was a class full of new and delicious ideas for backpacking, camping and hut trips. The menu for the night included:

Easy backpack guacamole with stove top tortilla chips

Garlicky shrimp with cilantro and lemon

Balsamic marinated flank steak with salsa verde

Cilantro lime rice

Sweet and spicy coleslaw

Mexican dessert torte

Spicy egg and sausage scramble





Now all we need to do is plan a hut trip!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just in from San Francisco

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Jess and Jeff are in town for a quick stay to see Jess' brother, sister-in-law, nephew...and me=) It was so nice to see her and Jeff, to catch up and to be able to celebrate her birthday. Some very new life experiences are just around the corner for this young 24yo mama to be!

Happy Valentines Day!

Dustin and I spent the day in Rocky MTN National Park trying out snow shoes. REI was having their demo day so we decided to take advantage of some free snowshoeing, and vendors who were giving free stuff.

Dustin took me out to dinner Buca Di Beppo which is a family style Italian restaurant with delicious food and adorable atmosphere.

Ashley's Visit

Visitors and work have kept me a bit preoccupied these past few weeks! With the sun shinning in the window warming my living room, I decided there is no better time then now to bring you a little up date. Ashley my good friend from nursing school may her way out of the freeze of WI to spend the end of January beginning of February with me! You are pretty much guaranteed a trip to the Coors factory when you come to visit. Its free, fun and informational. Ashley and I also had time to explore the little town of golden where the brewery is located.

Ashley had been dying to hit some real slopes, her last experience back home consisted of lasting about 2 hours in -30 degree weather at Tyrol Basin. We had the best weather and great snow while she was here.

The view that day was spectacular. These were taken at the top of Winter Park. 12060 feet!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Its Official

So I decided I had better stop running around with expired WI plates before I got pulled over and slapped with a huge fine. So my Wednesday (2 wed ago) afternoon consisted of running around getting my car in legal condition. This included an emissions test, new plates, state taxes, new license, and a vin verification. Man did it all add up quickly$$. I must say...that green and white looks pretty good on the Jeep!