Thursday, June 11, 2009

Picnic at the Park

Introducing my Friday night Bible study crew!

Every other Friday the gang gets together to have a social night. Its the perfect time to kick back relax and catch up on life. We have quite the mixture we could probably run our own small community. We have a Dr, RN, Dentist, Physical Therapist, Psychiatrist, Lawyer, 2 bank related Businessmen, a Trucker, Nanny, Teacher....I could go on and on seriously what a mix! So last Friday we went out for a BBQ and games at a local park.

The boys (Brennan and Chris) set up Mexican horse shoes

Chris goofed off...

and the competition began!

The park looked like way to much fun to miss out on so we set up a hard core game of tag.

Followed by a game of war on the bouncy beam.

The food was great and the weather perfect. A great lightning show started up just as we were leaving. I have been blessed with some great new friends!

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