Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Wedding Basket...

Jordan and Rochelle friends from Church are getting married this weekend. I knew immediately that I wanted to make them a picnic basket, so as I was searching craigslist for the perfect one to revamp I kept coming upon messages like " We got this basket for our wedding...never used". Hmm was this a bad idea after all? After consulting a few friends I decided the art of picnicking must live on! So...I started collecting things to fill this lovely wooden basket.

I painted on their initials and filled it to the brim with eclectic items such as hand embroidered and hand crocheted linens, Fresh colorful plates, cups, a bottle of vino, and a gift card to the grocery store so they can fill it with yummies!


Becca said...

It's so creative Amy! I love it. They will love it for sure. Way to bring back the art of unique/non-registered gifts in a cool way!

Ah, your backpacking trip looks fun. Come on- Leavenworth is halfway between Seattle and Spokane!

I miss you. Looks like you got some cute thrifted items. Love the little lotus bowl. See, you need to blog more to inspire us all!

bethany said...

Really cute idea. I've created "breakfast in bed" trays in the past...but this is even better!

I hope they loved it!