Monday, July 13, 2009


Since I have started with my invisalign in November I have to go to the dentist about every 4 weeks. I have made it some what of a habit to stop by the Salvation army on my way home. I drive by it with its 1/2 off or 99cent sign staring me can I pass it up. Many times I run in and out with nothing but most often I end up finding something to fill my cupboards or table top. When my nephew Isaiah was here a few weeks ago he commented that I didn't have any small bowls for his oatmeal in the morning like grandma does...well Zaiah, I found some!

Another cute breakfast item I found were these little juice/milk glasses.
So all of these vases have come from a thrift store but the most recent one I purchased is the one on the far right. I bought $15 worth of flowers split them up and spread the cheer around my house! Happy Monday!

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