Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Adventures of Amy and Chlesea!

Oh how I wish I would have had time to load my pictures on blogger before work tonight! I have so much to updated you on! I ran out of time this eve and was unable to get my pictures on here before work. It has been a whirlwind of a week. One of my best friends Chelsea from nursing school came last Wednesday to visits and stayed until just hours before I had to work tonight. We crammed more fun into one week then I would have thought possible! Wed night we met up with Dustin (who Chels was dying to meet) to have a picnic in the park. We enjoyed marinated meat and mojitos with edemame and fruit. Thursday we enjoyed a total girls day, facials, shopping, and one of the best movies I have seen in a while called My Sisters Keeper...I cried I mean sobbed for probably 45min of the movie. Yes the book is better and different but do both you won't regret it! Friday we helped my friend Rochelle and her family get ready for their wedding that night. We got all dolled up and enjoyed an eve wedding. Friday morning D and I pulled Chels out of bed early so she could experience some back packing in CO. We headed up to a lake near Vail called Piney lake where we enjoyed our own private little oasis. Sunday we chilled out and watched a movie and took long hot showers to remove the layers of sunscreen and OFF. Monday I went in for a meeting @ work, got some labs done; I thought it would be cool to get a base line @ age 25 write all my stats down and look back when I turn 50 and see how drastically I have changed. Chelsea rented a road bike so we could go on a ride along the Cherry Creek trail...we felt the burn! Throughout this whole week our excuse for spending money was "Its our birthday!" It helped take away some of the guilt. Tuesday was probably our biggest adventure... off to Canon city to sky dive! Once again we got up early to beat the storms. We hopped in to a itty bitty plane and put our lives in to 2 strangers hands. Chels last words as they opened the door were, "I'm gonna say a prayer! Lord I love you!" and then she was out the door. It was an awesome experience! Everyone must try it once! We went over to D's that eve for another movie night and ended up spending the night in hopes to use is pool in the such luck it was closed for some maintenance =( So we slept in and then spent the afternoon in Boulder shopping and seeing the town. Chelsea bought the cutest dress for herself and an adorable tank top for me for my birthday. It was sad to see her go tonight, It has been nice having an old friend just feels comfortable. But we all must work...even if for only one night. Tomorrow D is picking me up @ 0830 as I get off work and were heading out for another weekend of camping with friends. More pictures and stories to come soon!

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insane. i can't believe you went skydiving!!

it sounds like you had an awesome birthday bash of a weekend. can't wait to see the pics.

also saw my sisters keeper. also hated/loved the ending. the movie was good and the book was so much better!