Monday, July 13, 2009

Hunters Frying Pan...

Last weekend I was off on my first backpacking adventure here in CO. Dustin, Brennan, Christa and I hiked in 4miles, until we came upon our very own lake front camping property. Along the way we saw some of the most spectacular wild flowers...way to many to count. The mountain side looked as if God had taken His wet paint brush and flicked the green back drop messing it with a rainbow of colors.
The cold fresh mountain snow melt carved its path along side the flowers.
This is what we saw as we looked back...
and this is what we saw as we looked ahead...our very own private alpine lake.
There is always a little work involved with setting up camp. Dustin collected some wood so we could enjoy a fire all night long.
Can you smell it??
Check out our camp!
Protecting our food from the bears was a nightly task.

Who says backpacking can't have luxury's?

Hats and Headbuffs...gotta love em!

We discovered as we were playing cards one night that we were the Alphabet gang...A(Amy) B (Brennan) C(Christa) D (Dustin). Brennan and Christa are actually Sconnies as well, I love reminiscing with them about the Union, Lake shore path and all the other lovely things Madison holds. These guys broke me in well. I look forward to 2 weeks from now...Ice Lake here we come!


Dustin said...

It was definitely a great trip! Good weather, good scenery, and we get to do it again in another two days!

Not Your Average Jo said...

did you take a picture of those rook cards just to make mom happy!?