Friday, March 5, 2010

{Day's Off}

Do you ever get in that clean up and clean out mode? Last week after working all night I decided to stay up and clean out my closet. Being sleep deprived may have been helpful in my decision making process, because I let a lot of things go. I ended up pulling out a full garbage bag full of stuff to hall off to Goodwill.

I also spent a day up in Winter Park with Amy P. and her family. Amy and I are working on an art project that I will have to show you when we are done. On my way back home to Denver I saw this pair of moose down by the creek in Fraser. They are the second set of moose I have seen in my life, they are massive creatures!

1 comment: said...

congrats on the closet clean out. tis always an accomplishment!

i'm excited for your new fruit+veggie plan. that's one thing i miss about cali...always the best (most interesting!) produce in the g-store, all year round. so many fun things to try! lately i've been addicted to pomegranate seeds. is that outside the box enough?