Friday, March 19, 2010

The Boy's Come to Board

Beau, Nick Me and D at the top of Whales Tale before we tumbled down.

Nicks Spill down the hill.

Beau's spill down the hill.

Good thing mine didn't make the camera!

I was telling my friends the Peterson up in WP that my brother Nick and our friend Beau were coming out to visit they got all excited and started planning all the things the boys could help with. There were dead trees to chop and bonfires they could help set up into flames...I had to remind them and myself that these boy's weren't really coming to see us, but rather to get as much snow boarding in as possible! So that's what we did! We did have the evenings to relax and hang it was nice to catch up and be around 2 boys I just love!

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