Friday, October 31, 2008

The Drive Home...

What an amazing ever changing view as you drive down the pass from Winter Park to Denver. Last time mom and I left every thing was golden, this time there is a little bit of snow on the slopes. I Spent Tue and Wed with my friends the Peterson family (Amy=Mom, David=Dad , Robin=8yr old daughter, Court=I think hes 6 yrs old, and their youngest Chase is maybe 3??) to catch up, do a little work and get my ski pass worked out so I am ready to go when the slopes open. Amy and David and I work out what I think is the best deal ever...They bought my multi MTN ski pass, and in return I clean for them every other week or so. So when I come up to visit I do a little work, have some fun snowboarding, have a place to stay, and enjoy some crazy company....not a bad deal for a girl who loves to clean! David and I had fun Tue night running through the mess of our CO mail in ballots...we have a lot of amendments and referendums to vote on here in CO! It was a great way to spend my days off this week.

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