Saturday, September 4, 2010

{Bridesmaids Gone Bad}

So i'm not quite sure who came up with the clever little nickname for Steve and Ashley turned in to this:
hence the mustaches you will see in many of the following photos.
I recently went home to Madison, WI for my friend Ashley's wedding.
She had a brilliant idea for the bachelorette party....bridesmaids gone bad. Each of us had the task of finding the most crazy, hideous, funny dress to wear for our big night out. You won't believe what was found.
We started the night off with a little mini golfing...
and then headed for dinner at a hibachi restaurant.
Ashley got a little extra "special sauce" since it was her big night out!

After dinner we headed downtown to hit up the night life.
Even though all of the bridesmaids lived in different cities and states and shopped at different Goodwill's, we still managed to show up in some nearly matching dresses!

I think puffy sleeve need to make a come back!

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