Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Working with Vera Wang

Thank goodness for moms (AKA Vera Wang) who know how to sew! So I had this dream plan to turn a simple bed skirt into a beautiful bridesmaid dress for my friend Ashley's August wedding. Ashley's only stipulations were yellow, knee length, and simple summer dress. As I was shopping around I was having a hard time finding just the right dress for just the right price. Not too long in to my search I decided I would find a white dress and just dye it...that turn in to this little adventure! I found this adorable white cotton lacy bed skirt at Goodwill for $4, bought some dye for $3 and convinced my mom to come visit (She flipped that bill) and you can see the results below. Thanks mom, couldn't have asked for a better present!

The finishing touches will be made back in WI when I fly home in August!

For my B-day I bought my self a dremmel!
Oh the projects!
1st on my list...transform my mustard yellow couch in to a day bed.
sparks flying...it saws, sands and cuts through metal

Almost done...


Ashley said...

The dress is perfect, Amy! I'm starting to think I should have asked you and your mom tackle my wedding dress :)....for real! Want to come up with a hairpiece for me?! (I loved the example you emailed me!)

Bridget said...

that dress is so cool.