Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fun Storage Idea...

I can't think of a better more appealing way to store your dry goods! I got these jars at a g-sale a few weeks ago, I spray painted the lids and then decoupaged some fun bright paper on top. Tada!

Back From Wisconsin

I just returned from my trip back home to WI. The time always seems to fly by way to quick, my time home consist of me cramming in as many visits with friends and family as humanly possible. The weather was way warmer then I expected and the leaves were just starting to change colors. They are coming up on the most beautiful time of year. My mom and I spent my last full day driving the back country roads through all the small towns surrounding Madison. There is nothing quite like small towns, red barns and ripe corn fields!
My Second day home landed on the Badger home football opener. I got to cheer them on with my friend Michelle her hubby Dave and a house full of other friends.
Of course one of my favorite things to do is spend time with my little (well not so little anymore) nephew Isaiah and niece Adreanna. In the photos above they are wearing their newest Goodwill purchase made by their grandma and me.
One of the best things about a Sunday night after church...a campfire and smores!

We spent Labor day morning out on the lake. Breakfast on the boat and a little wake boarding. Friday I made the long trip back to the Mountains with the Fisk family by car. It was not bad considering there were 8 of us crammed in a car for 16 hours.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Decalibron Take II

There was no way D would let me walk away from this challenge...So just a few weeks ago we headed back to the Decalibron to take on the beast once again. With just slightly more sleep and way more carbs in my belly Me and D made it! All 4.

Top of Democrat
A view from Cameron

Top of Lincoln

Last one! Brennan, Christa D and me at the top of the last one...Bross.

I don't know if you can spot this little guy in the rocks, he a pica reminds me of a mix between a mouse and a bunny.

Me and Crysta on our way down.

Crysta and Brennan

It was not a trip with out any injuries however...Our friend Andy ended up with a few good scratches bumps and bruises. During the last 1/2 mile I managed to slip and fall and bruise up my right side. In the end there is nothing quite like getting back home taking a hot shower and snuggling up and watching a movie, AHHH what a great day.

My Visit To Spokane, WA

I can't believe how behind I am! About 2 weeks ago I went to visit my Friend Becca and her hubby Sam out in Spokane, WA. The plan for the trip...craft, thrift and just catch up. We went and saw the new movie Julie and Julia which was cute, funny, and romantic and left you wanting to eat really good food. Well it just so happens that little miss Becca went to culinary school...I may have gained 10lbs that week =). We went on a hike which lead us down to a small lake and past some neat volcanic rock formations. My favorite part of the trip had to be the thift/gsale shopping. In just one hot sunny day we managed to come back with all this loot.

After some extreme shopping we decided to continue to be thrifty and use the gift card that I had for Old Country Buffet. It had been years since either of us had been there, some how we seemed to have forgotten really how gross/weird the place is.

I mean where else can you have pizza, baked potato, tacos, chicken, pasta and shrimp all on one plate? We felt a little sick after cashing out at the dessert bar!
We spent one of our days driving the farm loop that is near Becca and Sams home. The farms are full of fresh produce, flowers, and other tastey treats.
Time with Becca is always fun, I am looking forward to them visiting this winter when it comes time to hit the slopes.

What I've Been Up To!

Hang'n with Amy and the kids @ Water world

Discovering the biggest planter I have ever seen! Amy has the greatest idea! She wants to buy this old bug, fill it with dirt, and then plant wild flowers! Can you see the potential?

Rock Climbing in Eldorado Canyon with Chris, Ryan and D.

My first attempt at The Decalibron, a chain of 4 14ers (Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, and Bross) was not quite the success I had hoped for. I discovered that having just a few hours of sleep and a decreased amount of oxygen leaves you with little to no energy at the top of a mountain. Due to this unfortunate discovery I was only able to climb one of the 4 that day.

Ready to pass out at the top!

The saddle of scree we descended to get to the bottom.