Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Decalibron Take II

There was no way D would let me walk away from this challenge...So just a few weeks ago we headed back to the Decalibron to take on the beast once again. With just slightly more sleep and way more carbs in my belly Me and D made it! All 4.

Top of Democrat
A view from Cameron

Top of Lincoln

Last one! Brennan, Christa D and me at the top of the last one...Bross.

I don't know if you can spot this little guy in the rocks, he a pica reminds me of a mix between a mouse and a bunny.

Me and Crysta on our way down.

Crysta and Brennan

It was not a trip with out any injuries however...Our friend Andy ended up with a few good scratches bumps and bruises. During the last 1/2 mile I managed to slip and fall and bruise up my right side. In the end there is nothing quite like getting back home taking a hot shower and snuggling up and watching a movie, AHHH what a great day.

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