Saturday, January 3, 2009

Road Trip?

I was just told by my manager that we should resubmit our vacation request for 2009. 5 weeks! How in the world do you pick 5 weeks that you want off so far in advance. So I started searching for flights to various cities to check for great deals. I would love to go visit my friends the Cheeseman's out in Cumming, GA but tickets are not that cheap. That got me thinking...what about a road trip? I have always wanted to visit the "Deep South"! So here is the MapQuest search that I did, it would take around 23hrs to drive straight through, but I would never do that (not on the way there anyway). Think of all the flee markets and antique stores that would be on the way. I would love to take in the culture, food, and music of Mississippi and Alabama! Just thinking about it gets me excited. It's just a thought...end of March, anyone? =)


Jenny said...

Must be exciting to figure out where to vacation. My mom and I are hoping to plan a trip to the east coast (Maine,Maryland,etc.) after I graduate so I'm excited if that happens. You should ask Andy about the south and the culture there. Well I hope you have fun with Jo and Nick. I miss ya.

Dustin said...

Hmm...maybe I'd be interested! ...Assuming it's not a girls trip, and boyfriends are allowed. ;)