Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Do not ask me why I am not in bed yet. Well OK I'll tell you. I intended to come home after my 12 hr NOC shift slip into my PJ's and catch as many zzzzz's possible before I had to head to the airport to pick up Nick and Jo. Well my phone went on the fritz! The screen will show me nothing, which means I know nobodies phone #'s! Yes technology it can retain all knowledge for you...but if it breaks down, well your screwed! So I decided to run out and check out new phones since it is about time I get one with this new area code anyway. So I picked up a new phone which includes my lovely government discount! I also decided that I better run to the grocery store since my company may not like the fact that all I have been eating is fruits, veggies and beans. So I ran up a hefty grocery meat really adds on the $$$.

So now I am home unloaded all the groceries and am feeling way to wired to sleep...but I have to work again tonight! AHHH! You would think I would be especially exhausted because I found out with my lab results the other day that I am very anemic. I guess its back to meat and Iron supplements for me! So I will go snuggle up in bed and try and let myself fall off to sleep...we have a big week ahead of us! I will keep you posted!

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