Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving day without all the cooking and the work? Can it be any fun? My dad and I learned that it may simply be the best way to do it! On Wed morning my dad went for his morning coffee and was asking around for a good place to eat out for Thanksgiving dinner. The waitress suggested we try a place called The Fresh Fish Market. They were having a Thanksgiving buffet with all the Thanksgiving fixins and then some. So we book are reservations and spent the day(the one that would normally be filled with cleaning the house and cooking) getting our workout in, returning previously purchased items to Walmart, seeing the movie Four Christmas', and just chillin.

We were a little worried when we showed up to the place and they had us sitting in a warming tent until our table was ready. Especially since this was no cheap meal!

But we soon found ourselves in awe of all the delicious food they had to offer!

Not to mention the drinks and desserts.

Belt loops did need to be loosened and naps taken...but hey that's part of Thanksgiving right?

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