Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Visiting Luna...

I just got back today from my little vacation to Spokane, WA. The trip was full of wedding planning and baby cuddling!
Me holding Luna for the first time.
She is such a smiley girl!
You better believe we did some thrift shopping! This little vest was one of the cutest things we found, Luna seemed to love it.
I had to make sure I didn't buy too much, I only had a carry on to get everything back to Denver in! I found this cute collapsible vintage cookbook holder that I couldn't pass up.
Luna and I did a lot of Wedding blog surfing to get some ideas for the big day this May.
The Lux fam and I enjoyed breakfast Sunday at this adorable shabby chic restaurant called Chaps.
We did a little wedding dress shopping just for fun. I am planning on making my own dress but I had to try on a few dresses just for the experience. I only have 2 pictures because Becca got scolded for taking pictures...apparently its not allowed.
I spent my last night in Spokane snuggled up to this little doll face in her Moby wrap...life doesn't get much better than that!

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Erin said...

Amy! You have to e-mail me next time you are in Spokane, if you have time, would love to meet up for coffee!