Thursday, December 30, 2010

He Asked....And I Said YES!

It was a warm Sunday, the mountains had just been dumped with we decided to go snow shoeing.
We had to hike 3 mile just to get to the trail head (b/c the roads were closed due to the snow.)
The sun was shining and the air was crisp, it couldn't have been a nicer day!
But it was hard work trudging through all that deep snow. I needed to stop and refuel multiple times.
After about 5 miles of hiking we hit a ridge, we could see where we were and we were about 2 miles East of where we needed to be. knowing that the summit was still about 4-5 mile off and that I was tired we decided to eat lunch. As we looked out we were surrounded by snow covered mountains and sunshine. That is when he did it...he said some sweet loving words, got down on one knee (in his snow shoes) and asked me. I smiled said yes and kissed him.
I smiled the whole way down the mountain (The 5 mile hike back seem so much easier for some reason)
We had to stop frequently so I could un-glove my hand to look at and admire my ring once more!

The white clear stone is called apatite, and the aqua colored stone is called chalcedony the two stones are on recycled sterling silver. I love the unique artsy feel (D did have a little help picking it out =)
Details of our summer 2011 wedding to come!


Becca said...

It's about time! Bold move Dustin- asking her in the cold mountain air- you should be thankful Amy still has her hand! I'm surprised you got her to put her glove on :)

I'm so excited for you two. This summer will be fun!

Start saving your pennies. Now we can seriously plan Australia 2015- and now you're only a year off from celebrating a milestone anniversary! said...

I'm still squealing with delight over here. I second Becca--I was beginning to think he'd never ask!:)

You two are the cutest. So happy for you to begin this new chapter together!

Am dying to hear some wedding plans...

gancher said...