Monday, January 25, 2010


It is about the time I do a little photo update on what I have been up to lately.
Skiing with D and visitors

Trying to stick to my healthy eating goal
Entertaining...My friends Becca and Sam came to visit last week. It was so much fun catching up and introducing them to Dustin. We went skiing, climbing, and ate out to our favorite little restaurant and just caught up! It seems Becca took all the pictures on her camera, so you will have to visit her blog to see what fun we had!
I picked up this book for Dustin and I to work through, its a fun little book with a million questions, some you would think to ask the one your dating and others well they crack you up! We had so much fun (well Becca and I did) going through some of these over dinner one night. It is a great way to really get to know people! You should pick one up! (I got it at Urban Outfitters.)
Keep me in your prayers when you are praying for Haiti. I may be heading over to Haiti to help out. I went this morning to get my vaccines. I will hopefully be going in the next month or so with the DEMPS (Disaster Emergency Medical Personnel System) program through my work, to help out with wound care. I still don't have a ton of details but I will keep you posted.

Started this project today. Becca and I found these vintage candle stick holders and thought they would make a great center piece! I brought them out to the garage for a few coats of spray paint...end result coming soon!

I finally got a picture in this awesome rustic wood frame that I found at a thrift sale last summer. It is a photo from our Hunters Frying Pan backpacking trip last summer.

I just love the very rustic detail of the wood.

And Dishes they never seem to end!

But there is nothing quite like a clean empty sink!

Taxes! I have been piling up all the forms I need to get started, now all I need is my W2! I can't wait for my tax return!

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Becca said...

I can't wait to see the after of those candles.