Thursday, October 29, 2009

{Quite Simply, a Lovely Day!}

I walked home to this @ 8am (we got over 2 feet!)...
Slept till 12:30, had a chat with my friend Becca...

Found my car buried in snow! Ran some errands...

Made dinner (Chicken dumpling soup a cold glass of milk and some wine), popped in a movie, and enjoyed my night off, being snowed in!

Oh and practiced wearing my nerd glasses for tomorrow. Can't wait to show you the full get up!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Heading out on an Elk Hunt

I think most people thought I was pretty crazy, going on a hunting trip alone with my boyfriends dad. The fact of the matter is, I knew It would be quite the adventure because his dad is so sweet and a more fun then most 50 year old men. We headed out bright and early (3am) to Platoro Valley. I was quite surprised that not all the leaves had fallen off the trees, there were still some bright yellow ones left.

We ended up in the very southern part of CO right near the New Mexican boarder. We pitched our tent and then headed into the tiny lodge area to have a hearty breakfast. I think one of the funniest thing about the trip was the fact that Rick had his pistol with him wherever we went (on a hike, into town, next to our pillows at night).

It stayed pretty warm the whole weekend, sunny and 50's mid day and down to about 20 degrees at night. Each morning we woke up around 5:30am to begin our hour walk before sunrise. We headed about 1000 vert up and about 2 miles in, to the pastures where we sat. Most mornings we sat from 630am until about 1030am. It was a beautiful peaceful experience having nothing to do but scan the horizon. A lot of good quite time to reflect and talk to God and contemplate life.

I have never really felt like a hick...but putting on the blaze orange and camo has that effect. We stayed Friday until Monday morning, saw tons of tracks...including a bears, but never saw an Elk. I enquired at the lodge everytime went into the little town to see if anyone else had gotten an elk. As it turns out no one else had seen or gotten anything either. I can't lie and say im not just a little disipointed that we didn't get anything, but bottom line is we had a lot of fun.

I was just nice to be camping out again cooking hot dogs over and open fire and getting to know Rick. During one conversation Rick was pointing out an old building which he said was an
"old pawer plant"
"A what" I said
"A pawer plant" he told me,
"A what plant"
..."pawer" he said
"Oh POWER" it hit me.'ve gotta love his thick Texan accent.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Since there were 229 other contestants who entered the "Unruly Things" give away I knew my chances were pretty slim...

{Photo :Unruly Things}
but I won! Thanks Martha for the beautiful scarf.

Double Dinner Date...

Warning: flouring of the back side may occur when your having a blast making home made pizzas on a crisp fall night!

Brennan and Christa came over last weekend for a much needed hangout night. Its amazing how busy life can get. So many little things get squeezed into life and in turn push out the fun hang time that we all need and love.

We had a great night with these guys making our own personalized pizza, sipping on the delicious Oktoberfest by leinenkugel, and playing a hillarious round of pictionary. Do me a favor, make sure your making time for friends!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Craft Fair

My Friend Amy Peterson signed up to sell her dog bandannas at the craft fair in Littleton last Saturday. Knowing how much I love to craft she asked me if I wanted to make a few things to sell. I had a lot of fun thrifting for old frames and vases to revamp and sell at the fair. It was a crisp sunny Saturday morning the perfect day for an outdoor fair. D drove me down to Littleton and had breakfast with me at a cute little bakery.
We got things set up by 8am and the people started flooding in!
I made baby shower gifts...these little egg cartons filled with all kinds of baby goodies.
A couple of refurbished framed goods, and homemade chalk boards
And some vases that I added some wire and beading to.
Amy P sold dog bandannas, baby blankets, and some Santa tree toppers. We both did fairly well. I made way more then I ever would have expected, and we had a lot of fun.
There were tons of other vendors. Amy and I would take turns running our stand so the other could shop and browse.
People are so creative!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Year of Nursing!

Its hard to believe a year has flown by. They say the first year will most likely be your most uncomfortable and stressful. I must say however, it wasn't that bad. I know that it was Gods will that first of all I got the job, second the staff is wonderful, and third Veterans are the best patients to work with! There has definitely been a lot of learning, but my confidence in what I know and what I can do has multiplied.

My day at work yesterday would definitely rank up there with one of the best. I spent the day doing my first round of Chemotherapy. OK so that may sound dreadful, but when you get to spend a full day with one guy and really get to know him, and help him learn about his disease and how we are treating it, its great. I learned more about cattle ranching (my pt is from Montana), farming, wheat prices, married life, truck driving and much much more. This relationship is the part I love most about nursing! year under my belt, feels pretty good! Hey I think I even get a raise =)

Fall "Colors"

A little road trip was the only thing I wanted to do last weekend. Dustin had a friend from college in town (Deb) who we needed to get out to the mountains so we decided to head out to Aspen to take in the gold glow of aspens, spilling down the mountain sides. We drove abut 3 hours over Independence pass where just a week before had been dumped with 6 in of snow. Most of it was melted away because it was sunny and 75 degrees!
Just having a quick stretch!
Sights from our walk through the Maroon Bells.

Here is a picture of the cabin I would love to move to Aspen for my second home =)