Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Year of Nursing!

Its hard to believe a year has flown by. They say the first year will most likely be your most uncomfortable and stressful. I must say however, it wasn't that bad. I know that it was Gods will that first of all I got the job, second the staff is wonderful, and third Veterans are the best patients to work with! There has definitely been a lot of learning, but my confidence in what I know and what I can do has multiplied.

My day at work yesterday would definitely rank up there with one of the best. I spent the day doing my first round of Chemotherapy. OK so that may sound dreadful, but when you get to spend a full day with one guy and really get to know him, and help him learn about his disease and how we are treating it, its great. I learned more about cattle ranching (my pt is from Montana), farming, wheat prices, married life, truck driving and much much more. This relationship is the part I love most about nursing! year under my belt, feels pretty good! Hey I think I even get a raise =)

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