Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Road Trip Continued...

After Bishops Castle we continued South until the Sangre de Cristo Mountains were right in our faces. We stopped in a little town to check out the shops that were open on a Sunday afternoon while enjoying the warm sunny weather.

As we were winding our way back toward Denver we followed the Arkansas river. There were plenty of spots to pull off and stretch your legs. It was so nice out we had to get out of the car and enjoy the day.

There were guys fly fishing all up and down the river.

Plus plenty of warm sunny rocks to climb and layout on. (Yup that's me at the top).

As we were heading back I saw signs for the Royal Gorge. If we were this close we had to stop! The pictures below speak for themselves.

We walked across the highest suspension bridge in the US, and peered at kayaks below.

Road trips are always fun when your with someone you like.

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Becca said...

aww, this post made me smile. if you keep this blogging up, i think i'll be moving for sure. jess said a package arrived for me, i'm excited to pick it up.