Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bishops Castle

After the delay of the snow storm last weekend Dustin and I decided to hit the road Sunday morning. I have been here in Denver for about 7 months and hardly have begun to explore. So Dustin planned a little road trip to show me part of Southern CO. We stayed in CO Springs at his parents Saturday night to get a 2hr head start on the trip South. First stop was in Rye CO where Dustin grew up. He took me to see 2 of the cabins his dad had build while they lived there. Next stop was Bishops Castle. This crazy palace was built (and is continuing to be built) by a single man with whatever scraps he finds and no blueprints...talk about imagination!

The stair cases wind and hover over 2o foot drops...its not for those who have the slightest fear of heights. The view from the top however is spectacular!

Inside the main area are these beautiful colorful stain glass windows which fill the room with a flood of sunlight. It is quite the place...and its free!

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