Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Week with the Girls in SF

Yes, yes I am way behind on my up lets get you up to speed. 2 weeks ago I hopped on a plane to see 2 of my best girl friends. Jessica and her hubby Jeff are currently living in San Fran and are expecting a baby boy in a month so, Becca and I decided we needed to go visit and see our adorable preggo friend. We filled our day with sight seeing, shopping, crafting and catching up. During a drive a long the coast we were getting a little jealous of all the yuppie yacthers, Jessica facetiously said "I'd rather be yachting" and that is when the idea was born. Tee shirts...we had to make them! Below are the results, the best SF souvenirs that can be found no where else. Yes we are a bit crazy I know.




It was so great to see both of them!

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