Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fitness Frenzy

So my motivational friend Michelle and I struck up a little plan before she left back home to WI. We had been workout buddies throughout nursing school, she was the one that helped keep me on track working out at least 4 days a week. She also was the one who convinced me I could run Crazy Legs last spring. We have been missing that accountability ever since I moved. So before she left we decided we could make a long distant challenge/contract.

Here's the rules:

* We must work out 4 days a week (a work out includes @ least 40 min of cardio and @ least 30 minutes of strength) for each of those days we get 5 pts.

* For each additional "full" workout we get 5 bonus points.

* For any additional "partial" workout we only get 2 points.

* We have to check in weekly with our results.

So when I arrive home at the end of may we will tally up the points and see who the winner is...And the prize (we knew we had to make it relatively large to keep ourselves motivated) $100.00 to spend as you'd like!

So the funny thing is I was telling my other friend Amy about this and now she wants to start one up with her girlfriends and myself up in Winter Park with a $20 buy in. It looks like I better work my but off if I wanna stay in shape and earn some CASH!

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