Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ashley's Visit

Visitors and work have kept me a bit preoccupied these past few weeks! With the sun shinning in the window warming my living room, I decided there is no better time then now to bring you a little up date. Ashley my good friend from nursing school may her way out of the freeze of WI to spend the end of January beginning of February with me! You are pretty much guaranteed a trip to the Coors factory when you come to visit. Its free, fun and informational. Ashley and I also had time to explore the little town of golden where the brewery is located.

Ashley had been dying to hit some real slopes, her last experience back home consisted of lasting about 2 hours in -30 degree weather at Tyrol Basin. We had the best weather and great snow while she was here.

The view that day was spectacular. These were taken at the top of Winter Park. 12060 feet!

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