Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas is Just Around the Corner

Welcome! The Christmas decorations are finally up!

Its a little rough your first Christmas away from home. I miss all of you, but am trying to make this Christmas season just as joyous with all of you in my heart and mind! So I picked up a tree, my mom sent me my star decorations (that I got in Cambodia), I picked up some cheap decorations from Target, strung up some popcorn garland with friends, and topped it off with the best topper ever...a hand crochet star found at the Salvation Army for $1.50!

A little tree, and my first real stocking, also from the Salvation Army

Sweet Christmas smells, one of pines and the other cookies (thanks Chels!)


And finally I got up all my pictures!
Missing you all! Merry Early Christmas!


Janice Lois said...
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Becca said...

Love the crocheted tree topper, what a find! And I like that little mitten ornament- so cute.