Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A great way to spend a Saturday night...

Who wouldn't like to get flowers? The fact of the matter is I have been getting them sporadically for myself for the last 3 months just to cheer up my dining room. But to be surprised by them...well I have to admit its a little nicer.

So you might be wondering who's the sweet guy? Well I introduced you to him about a month or so ago...he the one I went hiking with...Dustin. Well it would be safe to say we have hit it off ever since that hike, and now were dating! So last Saturday I was treated to dinner and then to some Jazzy tunes at a club called Dazzle that is located in downtown Denver. The man on trumpet was Bryan Lynch who is a Grammy winning jazz artist. The rest of his crew was spectacular as well. These photos are compliments of another patron named Al Hood, who's camera was to die for and his eye for these shot is something else!

Bryan Lynch





Anonymous said...

Congrats on the boy! He's super cute!!!Hope all is well, looks like you are having loads of fun there! said...

OH my goodness Amy. You ARE in love. I knew it. And with the cutest, sweetest boy. He already has my approval and I haven't even met him. Hi Dustin! I hope you are reading this!

Becca said...

Hmm, guess it's my turn to leave an embarrassing comment. Dustin gets the A+ for a first date I'd say. Not only cute, but he gets the approval with the interest in the outdoors in my book. I would love to go to Vegas and meet up- I keep telling Sam, he's not buying it.