Monday, August 1, 2011

A Cash Gift Turned Into An Aqua Prize!

So you remember all that money my work gave me? Guess what I bought? My KITCHENAID! I was so excited to come home to a big package in my living room...and I knew exactly what was inside. I had to use it...even thought it was 8:30 pm and I had just got home from a 12 hour shift...and I had to go back to work in the morning.

Cinnamon Rolls! I set to work, made the dough...and then gave it 30 min to rise...and nothing (It was still flat) So I dumped it thinking "maybe the water I added was too hot", and then started over. Batch #2 I made sure the water was just right and put exactly the right amount of yeast in...then I waited. NOTHING! It had to be the yeast! So I ran accross the street to Safeway for new yeast. I got home and started over. Thats when I realized I had used up all my flour! AHHHHH I was about to give up! D told me not to, he said it would be worth it, this last batch would work he was sure of it So I ran back to the store one last time, then started over. I nervously waited 30min. Tada! It worked!

Full of cinnamon and nuts! MMMM

Don't worry, I was in bed around midnight. Hey, at least I had a sweet treat for our co-workers in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Ok, seriously made my mouth water...hey, my blogs new name is me!

Batt_Men_15 | Hayven Ten said...

Wow! Yummy! You do have a cute blog anyway.. :)