Friday, May 20, 2011

A great day at work!

I walked into work today to this lovely surprise! A wedding party! My co-workers are the best!

There was cake, chips and salsa and, salads and all kinds of other treats!

Jenny told me that when she went to pick up the cake this morning she found a cake that not only was not the design she picked but it also said "Happy Birthday Dustin and Amy" I laughed and told her she should have left it that way! Instead they did a little scraping and switched it up.

They had all kinds of cute and funny decorations including my lovely wedding dress.

Most amazing of all...they had this piggy bank full of money! $230!!! Did I already say that they are amazing!! because they are!

Thank You 5 North!!!!


long time summer said...

walking by.... congratulations! best wishes to you! ~~happy wedding

ekta said...

so sweet surprise by your co-worker....and congratulation..