Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Working with Vera Wang

Thank goodness for moms (AKA Vera Wang) who know how to sew! So I had this dream plan to turn a simple bed skirt into a beautiful bridesmaid dress for my friend Ashley's August wedding. Ashley's only stipulations were yellow, knee length, and simple summer dress. As I was shopping around I was having a hard time finding just the right dress for just the right price. Not too long in to my search I decided I would find a white dress and just dye it...that turn in to this little adventure! I found this adorable white cotton lacy bed skirt at Goodwill for $4, bought some dye for $3 and convinced my mom to come visit (She flipped that bill) and you can see the results below. Thanks mom, couldn't have asked for a better present!

The finishing touches will be made back in WI when I fly home in August!

For my B-day I bought my self a dremmel!
Oh the projects!
1st on my list...transform my mustard yellow couch in to a day bed.
sparks flying...it saws, sands and cuts through metal

Almost done...

Happy Birthday 32nd Justin!

Good food, campfire, and hanging out with friends...can't beat that for a birthday!

National Veterans Wheelchair Games!

This is the other reason my mom made the trip out to see me...the wheel chair games. She and Nick volunteered with me all week long. This has got to be one of the most inspiring things I have ever been apart of. Young and old with the common bond of being wheelchair bound, but not letting it slow them down. There was everything from kayaking, power soccer, rugby, trapshooting, track and field and even and obstacle course. These veterans were tough and rough! It was really neat to be able to talk with the Vets and hear their stories.

The closing ceremonies were held at the Wings Over the Rockies Museum, the speeches, food and videos were an awesome tribute to the men and women that serve/served our country!

Nick and My Mama come to visit!

About a week and a 1/2 ago my mom and bro Nick made the 16 hour trek in the van to spend the 4 of July with me. We decided to put my mom to the test, and brought her along on a backpacking trip to the West Elks. We got a late start Friday night (b/c D had to work) and ended up hitting the trail head at Midnight! It was an awesome adventure in the dark. We decided to set up camp around 3am b/c it started sprinkling on us. The next morning we met up with our other friends and found a beautiful camping spot that could hold us all (8 total). From our campsite we had an awesome view of waterfalls rushing stream beds and a breath taking view of the valley. We went on a 8 mile hike Sunday to see "The Castles", which are some really neat rock formations that yes, you guessed it look like castles (we left mom at camp that day...we figured she would be happier exploring the river beds then climbing another 3,000 feet). During the long trip back to Denver, my lovely bro was looking through the pictures of the trip and decided to reformat my camera (on accident)...leaving me with no pictures! "Well" he said "that's what our memories are for". I guess he's right. (When I get a few pictures from the rest of the crew I will share them with you).
This picture was taken from SummitPost