Sunday, October 10, 2010

Diggin in the dump!

D and I spent last weekend down in the Springs at his parents. About a mile out from their place is this plot of land that is a notorious dumping ground. Most of the time the stuff out here is truly junk, dirty old mattresses, broken TVs, you get the gist. But every once and awhile you will find a little gem. After D's brother in law Mark told me of all that they found I had to go check it out for myself.

Below are some of the items I call treasures...

I had to bring this old red thing back just to check for gold!

I found all of the above pennies...grand total $2.90!

A pile of rusty nails...these have art project written all over them!

And this school bus yellow 2 man tent! All parts intact! It just needed a little TLC, now its ready for the back woods.

Claleigh and her mom Roxanne followed me out to the dump to take one last look at things, on our way back to the house, just as we were turning onto the dirt road I spotted my first rattle snake! I was well aware they were out in these parts, but I had never seen one for myself until now! Man are they creepy. We tried to kill it by driving the 4-wheeler over it but it got away. When Claleigh and I got back to the shed we set out to pull that cash register apart. Inside was springs, dust, cobwebs and a lot of rust. Claleigh spotted what she called "the shell of a black widow" I told her it just looked like a dead spider. Next thing I know as I was flipping over the register out crept a black widow spider! Yikes! I grabbed a metal pipe and ended that things life, as fast as I set eyes on it. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the 2 creepy crawlies but didn't have my camera on me! I know one person who would love an adventure like this as much as I did and that's my mama!

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