Sunday, June 27, 2010


Vacationing with the Parker's never gets old...I was lucky enough to get invited to Aruba at the beginning of this month to celebrate a family wedding!
Italian dinner out...complimentary lemon cello shots to cap it off!
Birds that lived at our resort
Sarah getting lucky
Our day consisted of beach, water, beach water...AHHHH
I loved walking the beach and watching the kite surfers showoff.
Me jumping off the pirate ship! ARGG
Sarah and I spent an afternoon aboard this pirate ship! The cruise included snorkeling, rope swing and cocktails! We snorkeled, over a reef and a WWII ship wreck. We also meet a couple of new friends.
A couple of us from the ship went out for some drinks and slot machines afterwards...because that what you do in Aruba.
How could you turn this cheery thing down?
The wedding was amazing! A boat drove into the lobby of the resort picked up all the guest and drove us out to a private island.
As you can see the tans were coming along nicely.
The amazing view even included flamingos!
The groomsmen looked stunning in there seersucker suits.

And the gals look beautiful in their flowing blue dresses!

There was a running joke that I was Sarah's brother we are hanging with the cousins.

Matt and Megan's first dance.
This week in Aruba sure made a destination wedding look good!

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Becca said...

could you just get on with it already- dustin- (ahem, ahem) and please pick a place with a beach and clear blue water- aruba, hawaii would work too you know! mexico- figi- we could all use a little more beach time.