Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's a love hate kinda thing...

So yesterday Dustin convinced me (I knew it was time deep down myself) that yesterday was the day to start running again. He had started running about 3 weeks ago and had been trying to get me started but to no avail. So I gave in slipped on my running shoes and told him my goal was 3 miles. He was convinced I could do better then that. So I chugged along up all the hills that he loves (because they "are great for conditioning") panting, whining and giving him the death glare every time he talk about how it was "such a beautiful day", or how "the mountains look amazing". But some how he kept me chugging to the very end...4.6 miles! I must have stolen some of his will power because God knows I don't have enough to push me that far! I told him afterwards that I hated him throughout the run...but I absolutely love him for pushing me and helping realize how far I can push myself!

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