Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Nurses Week!

This week Nurses are being celebrated all over the country. At the VA on 5 North this week we have been dressing up and eating well. Tuesday was "wacky tacky Tuesday" So a bunch of us night gals decided to tie dye tee shirts...and why not make a party out of it? So we went out for sushi, bought some drinks and got our tie dye on!

Here is the end result!

Here is the whole gang Me, Amy, Rachelle, Jen and Emily @ 3am!

And here is another sweet RN I work with named Patti

This pic is taken the next morning of the day shift crew Mike and Chrys

Thursday or nurse manager had a rose and candle lighting ceremony in honor of all nurses.

So happy nurses week! Go hug a nurse =)

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