Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pre-Wedding Jazz!

Most of the gang arrived the Wed before the wedding...because they knew there was plenty of work to do!

These amazing girls almost surprised me with bad they didn't know how to put Noli (my bus in reverse)

My mom making a list of all the things we had left to do before the big day.

Not to worry all these these lovely ladies saved the day.

Lots and lots of flowers to throw together.

Becca frosting up a storm...5o some cupcakes to decorate!

Chels and Nick creating the flag cupcake toppers.

Sam and Elizabeth practicing for the big day.

Jo drawing up the thumb print tree.

cutting name tags out...

Jamming to the ukulele

Lynn the organizer

I had to give little miss Luna her Halloween gift early...she may not fit in it by October! We had so much fun taking pictures of this little gnome.